Did you know that your test drive begins the moment you select your vehicle? Take a look at the vehicle's exterior, especially if it is used, for dents and other flaws. Sit down and turn on the ignition and let it idle for a moment or two. If you hear any strange noises or smells, move on to the next car.

Today's vehicles have so much advanced technology that you'll need to know how to use it. Make sure a Volvo Cars of Chattanooga staff member thoroughly explains driver-assistance features and connectivity. Make sure the vehicle has the features you want.

Before heading on the roads of Chattanooga, TN, pay attention to how the driver's seat feels. Adjust it to your comfort along with the rearview and side mirrors. Notice how you feel in the seat when you head out onto the street. Try to drive the car in the same circumstances in which you usually travel.

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