A good piece of advice says drivers should match the right oil to a vehicle. For some, synthetic oil proves better than the conventional version. No matter what motor oil you purchase, clean oil is what needs to run through the engine. So, after six months, you'll need to replace it.

Now, some drivers may say they don't use their car that much. The owner's manual might suggest it is appropriate to keep the same oil in the engine for up to 7,500 miles. It's necessary here to point out oil weakens with age. After six months, don't expect oil to do that great of a job lubricating an engine.

If you don't drive a car at all for six months, you might be surprised after checking the dipstick and discovering the oil is extremely dirty. Even if you purchase the best oil on the market, age catches up with it.

Our service center in Chattanooga, TN can handle necessary oil changes and other routine maintenance jobs. Call Chattanooga Volvo to book a time and day to bring the car.

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