Understanding the Role of Brake Fluid

Here at Chattanooga Volvo, we understand you will often face the issue of how to cope with the many different pieces of maintenance that are required for new and used vehicles to keep them on the road effectively. When you are driving through Chattanooga, TN, you want to feel confident your brakes are going to work effectively with brake fluid much needed to keep all the parts of your brake system working in the right way.

There are two basic types of brake fluid, which is used to keep the hydraulic system of the brakes in your car working correctly. More modern vehicles use the glycol-based brake fluid that is created specifically for vehicles using an ABS braking system. Other vehicles use the silicon-based brake fluids that are targeted specifically towards vehicles not using ABS. Changing your brake fluid at regular intervals is vital because it can absorb moisture from the air and no longer work correctly.

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