Comparing vehicles based on their interior design is an important exercise, given that this is where you are going to spend a sizeable portion of your life. Why would you not want something that kept you comfortable all the time? That is what the Volvo XC40 from Chattanooga Volvo brings to you.

The seating options in the new XC40 are second to none. They are comfortable and made of leather. You can adjust them to give yourself more legroom as needed, but they are largely going to be at the maximum comfort setting for you to begin with anyway.

The next thing that our Volvo sales specialists believe you will like about the Volvo XC40 is how much care has been put into making sure even little things are no problem. The hands-free liftgate means you don't ever have to worry about leaving your groceries on the ground while you open the back. It will open for you on command when you get behind the vehicle with your keys in your pocket. Simple things like that make all the difference.


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