Volvo XC90 Uses Audio & Technology to Boost Luxury

Volvo knows luxury, which is part of why the XC90 SUV is popular. Volvo also knows that drivers value audio and technology features. Volvo's Trip Computer helps you keep up with fuel consumption. Tracking both current and average fuel usage, the computer shows how far your gas will take you and the average speeds you've traveled. This information can help you use fuel more efficiently.

Great music can make your drive even better. The Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound system, which is standard in the XC90, has 1100W output, includes a 12-channel amplifier and 15 separate speakers. On top of the center speaker is a tweeter that reduces acoustic reflection coming from the windshield. There's also an air-ventilated subwoofer that enables low and undistorted bass sounds. With this system, you'll hear music clearly from all areas of the SUV.



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