Take Some Fun With You With These Road Trip Games

If you and your family love playing games at home, why not take some of that fun on the road with a few fun and creative road trip games? We at Chattanooga Volvo want your next trip to be the best ever, so we offer a few of our favorites that you may enjoy.

If you have any aspiring actors or actresses in your midst, the game "Celebrity" is sure to be a hit. One player picks a specific celebrity and then answers the questions of other players as if they were, indeed, that celebrity. The first player to correctly guess the celebrity wins the game. Of course, if you need a little downtime, the tried and true "Quiet Game" is always a favorite of parents everywhere.

Whether you're headed on a cross-country trip or a weekend getaway, go ahead and bring your vehicle to our service center to make sure it's completely road-ready.



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