The new Volvo S90 Inscription Trim is this year’s popular luxury sedan that you can see for yourself at Chattanooga Volvo. Here are some of the features assisting drivers in maintaining a high level of safety on the road.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature in your Volvo S90 Inscription Trim is activated as you shift into reverse. Sensors can scan behind in all directions to detect pedestrians, vehicles, or obstructions, and alert you to stop before you're involved in any type of accident.

The Volvo S90 Inscription Trim also comes with the Adaptive Cruise Control feature. Equipped with forward-mounted sensors, it detects a lead vehicle and begins will adjust a driving buffer as traffic dictates. As traffic ahead speeds up or slows, your vehicle will automatically do the same all the while maintaining a safe driving distance.

Take the Volvo S90 Inscription Trim for a test drive when you're ready to get that new vehicle.

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