Avoid Distracted Driving With a Few Extra Minutes

You're running late for work and need to do a few last-minute adjustments. Maybe your partner was in the car and switched the mirror and seat positions. Maybe you need to make that last tweak to your hairstyle. Whatever it is that you like to do in the car at the last minute, it's still causing distracted driving, which can have some pretty bad consequences. Here are a few tips to avoid those last-minute adjustments.

Give yourself just a few extra minutes in the morning so that you have time to comb your hair the way that you like it. Also, the rearview mirror should never be used as a way to check your makeup or for food in your teeth unless you're in the parking stall with the car in park. If you give yourself only a few extra minutes, you'll also have time to adjust the seats and mirrors before you pull out of the driveway.



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