Feel Secure in the Volvo S60

We at Chattanooga Volvo are firm believers in vehicles that place safety first. That's why we've added the Volvo S60 to our collection. With its careful design, this popular luxury compact sedan helps you drive safely in any conditions.

With the S60, safety starts under the surface. Inside the frame, the high-strength steel safety cage surrounds you with a rigid, strong layer of protection. This is paired with an inflatable curtain that deploys automatically on impact to offer extra protection in case of a collision.

Have you ever wondered if your tires are low? With the S60, you don't have to. It features a built-in tire pressure monitoring system that alerts you when it's time to add a bit of air. That way, you can enjoy the best performance and efficiency. To find out more, come in to our Chattanooga dealership for a test drive today.


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